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Nozzle Leak Detection

Reduce Costs by Detecting Plastic Leaks at Nozzle Tip

  • nldReduce machine down time
  • Eliminate major plastic build-up
  • Eliminate costly heater band and thermocouple replacement
  • Prevent plastic fires
  • Ideal for unattended operation and large machines with obstructed view of nozzle area
  • Rugged disk made of corrosion-resistant materials operates in environments up to 700°F

Patent-Pending Pressure-Sensitive Disk

Nozzle Leak Detector disk will sense when plastic leaks between the nozzle tip and mold.

Auxiliary Dry Contacts

Normally open and closed contacts can be used to stop injection, activate customer alarms or to interface to plant monitoring systems when nozzle leak is detected.

Flexible Design

Designed to fit different nozzle tip sizes and different sprue bushing depths for peerless nozzle leak detection.

Nozzle Leak Detector starter package includes:

Control box, two discs, 20 ft. of wiring from control box to disc and mating connectors. Customer provides 24V DC power supply to control box.

Description of Operation

Nozzle leakage is detected when leaking plastic contacts the sensor disk. Upon detection the control box emits an audible alarm as well as activates a relay. In addition a “Status” LED reflects the current state (Red = Alarm, Green = OK). The audible alarm can be silenced by pressing the “Silence” button.

The NLD-1 system can be used independently or it can be directly interfaced to your injection molding machine. Typically machine interfacing is done by interrupting the purge guard signal through the relay contacts inside the control box.


Sensor Installation or Replacement

Installation or replacement of the sensor disk is very easy. To install, simply push the sensor disk onto the nozzle tip until seated. Then make the “quick connect” electrical connection, no tools necessary.

The sensor’s friction-fit mechanical connection allows for easy and quick replacement.


CAUTION: Standard safety precautions should always be made when dealing with high temperatures and/or the possibility of contact with melted plastic.

Nozzle Tip Part # Description Price
1″ Hex 1015 (1) Control Box, (2) 1″ Hex sensor Diskd, (1) Disk Wiring $750.00
7/8″ Hex 1016 (1) Control Box, (2) 7/8″ Hex sensor Diskd, (1) Disk Wiring $750.00
1″ Hex 1019 (Box of 10) 1″ Hex Replacement Sensor Disks $675.00
7/8″ Hex 1020 (Box of 10) 7/8″ Hex Replacement Sensor Disks $675.00

Nozzle Leak Detection BrochureNozzle Leak Detectors User Guide