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Molding Machine Variable Speed Drive Retrofit Packages

Variable Speed Drives Save Energy and Reduce Machine Operating Costs 30% to 70% Depending on Machine Type and Throughput.

Here’s How:

injection mold variable speed drive

  • Reduces motor start up demand.
  • Inherent soft-starting reduces wear and tear on motors, couplings and other components.
  • Operates motors and pumps at speeds required to match system requirements.
  • Pumps and motors operate at highest possible efficiency .
  • Reduces pressure drop across hydraulic valves.
  • Designed for rough industrial environments.

Variable Speed Drive Retrofit Features

  • Exceeds 28 year Mean Time Between Failure rate.
  • UL, cUL and CE listed.
  • Heavy duty design matches torque and overload application.
  • Size ranges from 0.5HP to 500 HP, 208V, 240V or 480V.
  • Near unity power factor and soft start capability.

injection mold energy assessment

What are the financial advantages of a Variable Speed Drive Retrofit?

All of CPT’s retrofit packages are “ROI-Calculator-Created” and will provide substantial savings based on energy savings, increased production and reduced scrap. Consult us for a personalized projection of return on investment for your application.