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Injection Molding Screws, Barrels and Tips

Competitive Cost and Superior Availability: Keep your plastics processing performance at its peak with injection barrels, screws and tips optimized for your application.


Carbide Chromalloy

New feed screws designed to optimize your application. New screw coatings, DuraChrome and Tungsten Carbide, will prolong the life.

Various screw tip designs to improve shot control, prolong wear resistance, for unrestricted free flow, spin lock, Sure-Shot ball check.

Rebuilt feed screws can save up to 60% of the cost of new. Screws can be rebuilt multiple times. New coatings for abrasion and corrosion resistance can be applied. Read more about our new screw and barrel coatings that improve performance and service life.

Rebuilt barrels can save up to 60% of the cost of new ones. Available with standard bi-metallic or tungsten carbide liner.

Many new barrels, screws and screw tips in stock. Call us today or check our inventory.

Feed Screws – New And Rebuilt

  • High-performance feed screw designs for improved mixing, higher recovery rates and lower melt temperatures
  • Application-specific feed screw designs for low shear and uniform melting, eliminating hot spots and splay
  • High wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant Metallurgy; Nitride, Chrome, CPM9V, Tungsten Carbide
  • Complete screw rebuilding services with quick turn-around

Screw Tips

  • Injection screw tip materials and designs optimized for your application
  • Three piece, four piece, interlocking, smear tip, free flow, quick shut-off, high volume for long fiber

Barrels – New And Rebuilt

  • Spun-cast Iron-Boron liner – Improved wear resistance
  • Optional spun-cast Tungsten Carbide – highest level wear & corrosion resistance
  • Competitive cost and availability
  • Complete barrel rebuilding services with quick turn-around

otherOther Products & Services

  • Mixing Nozzles, Standard Nozzles, Insulated and Standard Heater Bands, Thermocouples, etc.
  • Barrel and Screw Measurement and Maintenance Programs