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Hydraulic System Retrofits

CPT can help you maximize your original equipment investment with proven, reliable injection molding machine hydraulic systems and processing technology

With over a century of experience in the plastics industry, CPT combines application engineering and practical operating experience for an all-inclusive approach to solving your processing needs. CPT can upgrade your injection molding machinery with the latest hydraulic technology to improve Processing, Productivity, Reliability and Capability.

Hydraulic system control retrofits

A CPT experienced technician can audit your injection molding machinery to determine its current condition and make recommendations for performance improvement and a potential hydraulic system retrofit no matter what make or model of equipment.

What are the advantages of a Hydraulic System Upgrade?

  • Add additional years of increased productivity to your existing injection molding machines
  • Optimize machine performance with a hydraulic system retrofit sized to meet your specific application
  • Upgrade to closed loop control of speeds and pressures for repeatability and accuracy
  • Add proportional valve technology for precise control of clamp, inject and ejector performance
  • Equip your existing injection molding machines with an increased injection rate to expand your molding capabilities
  • Increase uptime reliability and maintenance ease
  • Financial Advantages – CPT provides you with a personalized Savings Projection and Return-On-Investment Analysis for your application