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Industrial Energy Saving Lighting Systems

CPT can analyze the lighting in your plastics processing plant to recommend and install ORION High Performance Lighting Systems to reduce your lighting energy costs use substantially. Improve your bottom line immediately and for the future.

energy saving warehouse lighting

Orion’s patented energy saving lighting systems and lighting controls dramatically reduce energy expenditures, improve workplace environments and reduce expensive and harmful emissions. Orion systems and controls are used by over 75 Fortune 500 companies.

The technology has:
  • Removed 182 megawatts from the grid
  • Saved 1.95 billion kilowatt hours
  • Saved clients $150 million in energy costs
  • Removed 1,909,106 tons of power plant generated CO2
  • Had the environmental equivalent of planting 359,291 acres of trees

What are the benefits of an ORION High Performance Lighting System?

Since lighting represents as much as 50% of industrial and commercial electrical consumption, replacing inefficient lighting will provide significant cost savings every year. The average savings per fixture when replacing a 400-watt high-intensity discharge (HID) fixture with an Orion high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) lighting fixture is $100 per year and provides significant environmental benefits.

HIF lighting

Changing from HID to Orion HIF also provides many other benefits including:

  • Better color rendering
  • Increased light levels
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Instant On 0 No restrike times
  • Cooler operating temperatures
  • Improved morale, productivity and safety

ORION High Performance Lighting System Features

Orion lighting systems

ORION Wireless Peak Load Shedding Capability

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The price of peak power is becoming more expensive as utilities reach their reserve margin. This measurement and verification tool will allow you to understand your energy use in real time and be responsive to your peak load.

CinProTech energy saving services

ORION Direct Renewable Light Pipe

CPT will work with your local roofer and introduce you to direct renewable technology. There is no conversion loss because you are leveraging the natural light from the sun. CPT can integrate the light pipe into the Orion High Performance Lighting system in order to provide maximum peak load savings.

Light pipe installation

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