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Variable Speed Pump Control Retrofits

CPT can install an iQpump variable speed pump controller to improve regulation and save energy by replacing your existing mechanical pumping, controlled by throttling valves and bypass valves. Benefits of an iQpump Intelligent Pump Control System include:

Features and Benefits

iQpumpImproved Process Control
By matching pump output flow or pressure directly to the process requirements, small variations in the process can be corrected more rapidly by an iQpump than by other control methods.

Improved System Reliability
Any reduction in speed achieved by using an iQpump has major benefits in reducing pump wear, particularly in bearings and seals.

Energy Savings
Depending on application, iQpump will reduce the demand for energy by 20% to 50% by adjusting pump speed to match a lower flow/pressure.

Reduce Total System Cost
iQpump lowers system cost by eliminating sensors, jockey pumps and restriction valves, as well as reducing cable and tank sizes.

Ease of Set Up
iQpump uses pump terminology on all setup parameters and monitors. Also includes a “Pump Quick Setup” menu.

Eliminate Complex Control Panels
By installing iQpump, many of the electro-mechanical controls can be eliminated. This will reduce the maintenance that these panels require.

Reduce Mechanical Stress and Damage to Pumps
iQpump has soft-start and soft-stop capabilities. Pressure surges and water hammer are eliminated.

Cooler Running Pump Motor
Soft-start eliminates inrush current, dramatically increasing winding insulation life.

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Consult us for a personalized projection of return on investment for your application. Variable Speed Pump Controllers qualify for rebate and incentive programs.