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Dryers, loaders, blenders and material handling equipment

CPT is pleased to represent Thoreson McCosh’s full line of equipment as part of our “total solutions” approach to plastics processing. Since 1947 Thoreson McCosh has been the leading manufacturer of dryers, blending and handling systems for the plastics industry.

CPT sells, installs and services equipment from Thoreson McCosh


Material Handling

From railcar unloading to factory-wide material delivery, Thoreson McCosh offers a full range of material solutions including silos, controls and feed systems.

ML-Series: The fully automated minimum inventory loader/hopper…Handles material with the least possible exposure to moisture.

Tornado Plastic Loader: The fully automated, compressed-air material loader for small injection molding machines.

Whirlwind: The fully automated, power loader for small injection molding machines.

Guardian: Lightweight portable vacuum pump unit


DVL Series: Accurate and Dependable Material Loading and Drying in One Portable Unit. Drying for applications handling volumes from 12 to 120 lbs. per hour. These machines are “mini” material management systems designed to transfer material from a gaylord to a drying hopper.

Thermal-D: A totally closed loop nonvalve drying system engineered to prevent moisture, dirt, and other substances from contaminating processed materials. The ProTek microprocessor controlled drying system is completely automatic and self-diagnostic.

H Series: Designed to remove surface moisture from non-hygroscopic plastic materials, Thoreson-McCosh Hot Air Drying and Preconditioning Systems efficiently and automatically provide a constant supply of preheated, preconditioned, uniformly-dried material for your extruder or molding machine.


WSB Gravimetric Blender Series: The highly accurate, computerized gravimetric color blending system for small and medium-duty injection molding machines and extruder applications up to 400-6500 lbs./hr.

MC-Unit Additive Feed Units: Metering devices for color concentrates and resin additives.

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