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Injection Mold Barrel Insulation Blankets

Heat Loss Prevention for Injection Molding

injection mold barrel blanket

CPT offers Barrel Insulation Blankets for injection molding, blow molding and structural foam molding machines. By insulating your barrels you can capture and retain the heat that you have already paid for. In addition to energy savings of an average 33%, the Barrel Insulation Blankets pay for themselves rapidly by preventing high BTU loss into the plant ambient air and improving the efficiency of the molding process. Radiant heat loss reduces the effectiveness of the injection or extrusion process.

ROI is typically less than 12 months excluding rebates from power companies

Barrel Insulation Blanket Operating Advantages

  • Major reduction of electrical consumption
  • Shorter startup time
  • Personnel protection and comfort
  • Extended heater band life
  • Improved control of barrel heat profile
  • Reduction of plant air conditioning costs
  • Resistant to oil, water and chemicals

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