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Reducing costs, improving quality and increasing overall efficiencies for the plastics processing industry – CPT provides single source solutions for all your technical needs.

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To compete in today’s global markets, plastics processors need to drive costs down, drive productivity up and improve product quality.

To achieve these goals you need a dedicated solutions partner with plastics industry expertise, a thorough knowledge of your machinery and value-oriented solutions.

You need Cincinnati Process Technologies.

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injection molding machine calibration

Calibration and Verification

CPT will perform a comprehensive machine validation and calibration which will re-establish your machine’s capability per the original OEM standards. This process can provide cycle time reductions, improved repeatability and energy savings. It also meets machine validation requirements required by many end user markets and provides a means of calibration verification traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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injection mold control upgrades

Control Retrofits

Our modern, computerized process controls reduce downtime and maintenance costs while providing better quality control, increased productivity and energy savings. The pros at CPT will identify improvement opportunities and then calculate an optimal return-on-investment strategy. We’ll then implement a control system solution that meets your specific operational needs, stays within your budget and minimizes costly down time. We’ve overhauled most makes and models of machines.

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Injection mold machine sale

Servo Hybrid Injection Molding Machines

CPT is the North American distributor for new injection molding machines, 55 to 3,500 ton, featuring energy and cost efficient servo motor pump drive systems. Product offerings include toggle, hydraulic clamp, two-platen and multi-component machines. Start-up, training, service and parts are handled locally by CPT service techs.

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WETEC robotic arm

Robotics and Automation

CPT is the North American sales and service representative for WE-Technology Automation Company. Established in 1986, WETEC is a global producer of leading robotics and control systems for the injection molding industry. Our product line includes part extracting, insert loading and material handling robots, sprue pickers, PET cooling, and in-mold labeling systems designed to improve efficiency and reduce labor by precisely performing repetitive tasks.

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Technical Service

With more than a century of plastics machinery experience, CPT’s technical staff will solve your most difficult machine problems in a timely, affordable and professional manner. Our service engineers can also provide in-depth training and troubleshooting procedures so your maintenance staff can efficiently resolve problems without a service call.

Injection Molding Machine Repairs »

Hydraulic Systems Upgrades

CPT’s technicians specialize in plastics processing machinery.
We’ll analyze your hydraulic system and recommend improvements
to optimize machine performance by reducing cycle time, improving repeatability and accuracy, and replacing obsolete components.

Hydraulic System Retrofits »

injection mold replacement barrels

Replacement Parts, Barrels and Screws

CPT addresses the challenge of sustaining older existing machines by offering affordable parts solutions including new, remanufactured, exchanged or part retrofits. We have new, rebuilt or repaired barrels, feed screws and screw tips for virtually every make and model. Their special designs and metallurgy enable molders to cut cycle time, improve product quality and solve wear issues, all at affordable costs.

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Identify, reduce and control your energy costs

You can’t control the price of energy, but you can reduce costs by taking control of how much energy your plant uses. CPT’s energy audits focus on primary processing and overall plant equipment down to individual machine operation.

Our comprehensive energy-saving solutions include energy monitoring, water systems management, heat loss prevention, nozzle leak detection and lighting optimization.

Energy Monitoring

CPT’s Energy Spy is a cost efficient, plant-wide energy monitoring system that tracks real-time electricity usage, peak demand and power factor. Energy Spy can reduce electric costs by alerting plant staff to peak demand levels and poor power factor while helping to identify the root cause during all phases of your operation.

Energy Spy Monitoring System »

Heat Loss Prevention

CPT offers several heat loss solutions for injection molding, blow molding
and structural foam molding machines. Reducing heat loss into the ambient
air of the plant and using less energy for heater bands usually nets a positive
ROI within one year.

Injection Mold Barrel Insulation »

Nozzle Leak Detection

Plastic leaks at the nozzle tip can waste material and energy. CPT’s nozzle leak detectors alert plant personnel to leaks that not only prove costly, but can pose a fire risk as well. Our nozzle leak detectors operate in high-temperature environments (up to 700ºF), eliminate costly heater band and thermocouple replacement, and are ideal for unattended operation and large machines with an obstructed view of the nozzle area.

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Lighting Optimization

CPT understands the value of good lighting to plastics molders. Poorly lit working conditions can lower employee productivity, raise energy costs and compromise quality. Replacing your old existing fixtures with energy efficient fluorescent fixtures can improve employee morale and performance, enhance color rendering, reduce ambient temperature, and lower maintenance and electric costs. Utility rebates and tax incentives will produce a very attractive ROI, making this an easy decision.

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