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CPT Two-Week Retrofit Provides Higher Quality and Consistency

Cincinnati Process Technologies (CPT), a leading supplier of machinery, parts, services and technology for the plastics molding industry, recently completed an injection machine retrofit for an appliance manufacturer that helps them produce higher quality parts and provides more precise control throughout the entire molding process.

CPT was asked by the customer’s Process Engineer Rance Hess to upgrade a 22-year old Cincinnati Milacron VT 550-ton press in the company’s Mississippi plant, and turnaround time was a crucial issue. According to Hess, CPT’s engineers replaced the process controller with a new B&R control, CPT operating software, hydraulics upgrades, added precise tonnage control capabilities and valuable pressure monitoring and control throughout the molding process. “CPT upgraded an older machine to run like new, gave us control that we didn’t have and allowed us to produce parts with higher quality and consistent density by eliminating voids,” said Hess. “By being able to adjust tonnage, we also reduce wear and tear on the die and the machine itself.” Additionally, the retrofit provides energy savings benefits.

Hess, 27-year veteran of the injection molding processing industry, considered several vendors before selecting CPT for this project. He said that CPT’s extensive experience, competitive pricing and the ability to complete the project in two-weeks were the main reasons why he selected CPT. But in the end “the quality of service, professionalism and responsiveness to our needs,” far exceeded his expectations. According to Hess, “”I really appreciate the quality work and components that CPT has provided. The service has been some of the best I have come across and it will serve you well. CPT technicians found ways to engineer solutions that will provide results for years to come.”